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Distinguishing Features Between Full Force and Traditional Snorkel Masks

Snorkeling masks are diving equipment or helmets. They give the divers a clear vision while under water. Among the most important equipment for the divers are the snorkeling masks. Being keen is very important for the divers while buying snorkeling masks. You should ensure that the mask is not loose, painful or leaking. It is dangerous to have an inappropriate mask under water. The mask must fit you properly. If the mask is either taller or wider than your face, then it is not fit.

There are two types of the snorkeling masks. The traditional masks and the full face masks are the two types. The components that make the traditional mask are fins, a snorkel tube and a goggles. They are made in different sizes and shapes where you can choose the best for yourself. You can choose your best mask since they come in different shapes and sizes. On the other hand, full face snorkel masks have a more advanced design. The absence of a mouthpiece in this mask gives it a more natural feeling. The way in which the snorkel tube and the goggles are combined covers the whole of your face. You can use your nose to breath naturally while under water using this kind of masks. There are many differences between the two types of the masks. However, there are advantages of each type. Here are some of these differences.

The two masks have different ways in which you breathe. In the traditional masks for instance you can only breathe using your mouth. Some people may not be comfortable for some people. You can breathe comfortably using your nose in the full face snorkel mask. Comfort and relaxation is allowed by this.

The full forced snorkel masks do not cause chocking nor do they have leakage. The dry top prevents water from getting in the snorkel. The issue of choking is common in the traditional masks. When water gets in your mouth, its saltiness causes choking. Leakage of the water into the goggles may hinder the vision.

The traditional snorkel masks have separated parts, that is, the goggles and the rest of the mask. It may take time to get the parts together in case one part is misplaced. The full face snorkel mask can be handled with ease because it comes as one piece.

The full face have flat lens. The field of view is made wider inside the water. You are able to view clear images under the water as a result. The traditional goggles do not have this feature and they may show distorted images.

In conclusion, snorkel masks are important tools for every diver. The full face masks are generally better compared to the traditional masks despite the fact that each have their own advantages.

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