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Log Lodges Maintenance Myths That Shouldn’t Keep You From Buying One

The today’s log cabins are not like the ones you used to know there before. They are normally designed with a lot of repute and stylishness. It is unfortunate that most homeowners have the fear of building or even purchasing the log cabins. The main reason they fear building or buying a home is that of the circulating wrong story about their costly repairs. If you have a dream of purchasing a log cabin, nothing should block your way. You can discover more in this content the truth about the care of log homes.

Number one on the list is that the maintenance will eat up all your free time. There are some maintenance that is more basic than others that you should consider first. If you won’t pay close attention to these parts, your home will look shabby. Every home needs some maintenance. More attention should be given to log cabins than the normal homes you know. It is essential to be positive if you want to construct your log cabin. It is wise to incorporate overhangs, porches, landscaping and many more things so that you can reduce the maintenance cost as well as other problems in the coming days.

Log homes are constructed using wood, the problem is the insects because they destroy them. This does not mean that your log home will teem with these harmful animals.There are some pretty effective methods using borate (or boric acid) to repel insects. The good thing about this mineral is that it is made of natural products so it is less harmful to humans.

It is true that mold can cause you some headaches regardless of the materials you use to construct your log home. A lot of moisture is the one that results to mold. For you to get rid of mold, it is crucial you keep your logs dry. Porches are most important because of getting rid of moisture.

You probably know how logs have a habit to shrink and crash easily. This should not be a point for your anxiety. It is pointless to use other logs if they get damaged out of cracks. You can use the sealants to make them good. There is no problem also with polishing them. You can’t manage to make good these cracks that you notice on the logs and also beware that you cannot fight against nature.

Stains in the past were full of Volatile Organic Compounds or (VOCs) and you now know these are bad for both you and the environment. There is a way out of dealing with these stains and escape the impact of them.